Monday 9 April 2012

Motorola RAZR MAXX priced in the UK

Love Motorola’s design sense, but can’t stand to have a phone that lasts less than three days on a single charge? Then the DROID RAZR MAXX is for you. Unless you’re one of the 6 billion or so people outside of Verizon’s US-only coverage area – then you’ll have to wait for the international GSM version, the RAZR MAXX. Moto confirmed that the phone would be coming to Europe and the Middle East on Tuesday, and now UK retailer Clove has posted the pre-order page. Prepare to pay up if you want the extra longevity.

The RAZR MAXX is listed at £359.00, almost forty pounds more than the regular RAZR. After UK taxes it’s £430, roughly equivalent to $680. That’s pretty close to what Verizon is selling the DROID RAZR MAXX for without a contract, but they’re selling the original DROID RAZR at the same price, when equipped with an identical 16GB SD card. The takeaway here is that you’re paying either for an incredibly slim device, or for one that’s more average but gets amazing battery life. Motorola seems to be taking a completely different track when it comes to the international version of the MAXX.

The RAZR MAXX will be available sometime in May, though neither Motorola nor Clove gave an exact date. Clove’s usually pretty exacting when it comes to initial releases, so you can expect to see similar prices elsewhere when compared to the original RAZR. Moto hasn’t stated so yet, but the RAZR MAXX should get access to an unlocked bootloader through MotoDev, unlike its Verizon-bound cousins.

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