Saturday 5 May 2012

Motorola's Motoactv MP3 player now available in Singapore,

Launched late last year, Motorola's Motoactv MP3 player and sports tracker will finally be out in stores in Singapore. The device retails at S$399 (US$320.58) locally, and will be sold at Newstead outlets here.

Meant as a "smart" MP3 player, this nifty little device looks a lot like a boxier iPod nano. The Motoactv has a 1.6-inch touchscreen protected by Gorilla Glass as well as an auto-dimming function for easy readability in different lighting conditions.

Inside, there's 8GB of memory as well as the latest Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to pair with wireless headphones and heart rate monitors. The GPS module lets the device track a variety of performance matrices, including pace, distance and the estimated number of calories burned. The MP3 player helps motivate you, too, by learning which songs you get pumped-up by, playing those when you need a boost. After the calorie burning, the device syncs with your Wi-Fi network to upload your personal stats to an online portal.

While smartphones equipped with apps such as Endomondo and RunKeeper already do most of what the Motoactv is capable of, this could find a following with folks that prefer to leave their handsets at home--to avoid getting a call from the office just when they're about to beat a personal best.

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